You know how to feel sick. How do you feel alive?

Here’s what NOT to do… Don’t make a list of the things that make you “feel alive”. It’s too direct. Go at it from several angles.

Use the back door to sneak up on otherwise elusive truths...
Use the back door to sneak up on otherwise elusive truths…

To do that, search your memories and those of people who know you well. Have fun with this!

For you – let your self drift back in time to places and events when you;

  • Felt really creative
  • Really liked yourself completely – warts and all
  • Were proud of how you showed up in a challenging situation
  • Felt great about a service or help you provided
  • Believed in your sense of purpose
  • felt calm and connected and at peace with yourself and the world
  • had a blast!

Write those answers down. Keep the list alive for a few days so other things will surface.

For Interviews –  ask at least 2 people for their memories of their experiences of when you were:

  • having a ball
  • a lot of fun to be around
  • full of joy and hope
  • the most naturally “yourself”
  • living your dream and expressing your natural gifts

In search of the bigger picture, also ask of yourself and others for when you were;

  •  unhappy, depressed or miserable
  •  just NO fun to be around
  • NOT liking yourself
  • anxious or generally troubled
  • NOT managing all the parts of your life well
  • mean or disrespectful to the people you love

This is a project. Proceed with caution.

Your answers will reveal themes. To discover them, for each answer, ask “why” 3 to 5 times. Ask “Why did that make me feel happy?” and when you get an answer keep asking. Same thing for the “unpleasant” stuff.

If you narrow things down, you’ll have a template from which to consciously choose “ALIVE”. And maybe even a foundation for a new vision for your future?

If you want help, you know how to find me…       ~Z