Who’s Sucking The Life Out Of You – Part II

down the drain...
Do some folks leave you feeling like this? You can’t use the water once it’s down the drain…

In Part I, I invited you grow your confidence, power and freedom by finding relationships that are more drain than gain, and making a yes-or-no decision to act – putting YOU first by ending or strictly limiting a relationship.

Maybe you’re feeling some resistance (another word for fear, by the way) to making this commitment? Some of that might be related to whether you contain the skills required to cut somebody off in a good way. It’s not something we practice regularly.

And, there’s a more subtle type of resistance that might feel like guilt over “blaming” the other person for your suffering. You might be tempted to turn that guilt into demonizing the other and making him or her “wrong”.

But here’s the deal: They don’t have to be wrong for you to be right! You are the only one who knows your priorities and how you want to distribute your precious time and energy. You don’t have to explain, and you certainly don’t have to apologize. You are making the hard choices in your life – in line with your commitment to build a life that matters in spite of your illness – and some of those impact others in ways they don’t like or don’t agree with. Some folks will get it. Many will not.

And it’s not your responsibility to make them agree or understand or feel okay about your decision.

Can you prepare for their push-back and stick to your commitment?

Can you feel the power and confidence about to arise in you after you’ve staked yet another claim on living a life in integrity with what you really matters to your future?    ~Z