What would be different if you stopped resisting? – Part I

I don’t want to sound preachy here about all the gifts and silver linings that one gets from being perpetually sick. I certainly do not mean to trivialize how disheartening and even depressing it can be to have our lives derailed unexpectedly. I get it.

There's always more than meets the eye (no, it's not really moving!)
There’s always more than meets the eye (no, it’s not really moving!)

But I AM going to talk about the hidden treasures that – when we choose to see them – CAN reduce the suffering we create when we keep kicking and screaming and punching at a reality that doesn’t budge an inch. So if today’s the day you want to keep feeling sorry for yourself (and let me be clear, there are days when that is indeed the best choice), then come back to this when you can at least imagine being hopeful…

A mantra I learned somewhere goes like this: “For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, YES”. Inherent in the first part is to be grateful for ALL things that have already happened. Even the “bad” things.

I’ve written before of practicing gratitude for the things in our lives we might otherwise take for granted (and learning to grow that part of our psyche to push out shaming thoughts). And this is taking another step – plugging in some otherwise unpleasant event into the practice. Doesn’t have to be the big nasty things – yet… Pick some little catastrophe and turn towards it with intentional gratitude (for it has already happened).

Try experimenting with repeating your “thanks” for this event until it melts into something less unsettling, or less disturbing. Or until the opportunity to learn or receive something that you otherwise might have missed reveals itself to you. Then you can smile ;-?          ~Z