What kind of “treatment” are you getting? Part II

Hopefully, your treatment doesn’t involve one of these (collar OR a cat 😉

Treatment is a term used for responses of the medical community to symptoms or a diagnosis. Notice how I didn’t say solution. It might be if you’re lucky. But more often that not, it’s just part of a solution. Or rather, it may solve some problems, but not all of them. And if you’re chronically ill, you know that even with multiple treatments, the some problems continue to exist – albeit in a hopefully less antagonistic form…

But let’s remember that getting a medical treatment is a means to an end, not the goal. We’re trying to get some respite or relief from our symptoms so we can live our life. Various treatments may be required for that to happen. But more than that too.

Given that our underlying issues are not likely to go away (maybe remission, but rarely a remedy), that means our “treatment plan” might serve us better if we included all the other things that help us function by reducing our suffering and increasing our living. 

So don’t be lulled into thinking getting treatment is the same as getting all fixed up and back to normal. That’s usually wishful but unrealistic thinking. Things might get better, that’s for sure. And unfortunately, the treatment may unleash symptoms of it’s own.

Your condition(s) may be treatable – which does not necessarily equal curable. Remember the distinction: Treatments are probably necessary but not sufficient for your continued rejuvenation as you embrace your new normal.

I’ve written elsewhere about self care. What if you consider that stuff as part of your “treatment”? How are YOU treating you??? ~Z

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