What if transition is all there is?

It’s obvious but worth remembering; We are always in a state of transition, moving from what has been to what will be – from what was to what is…

caught in the act of becoming…


This is more obvious when learning to deal with the radically different set of circumstances brought on by ongoing illness or medical condition(s). There can be several stages to pass through and as such, you’re almost always in some kind of transition (or in transition between transitions…).

An idea that’s useful to me around being “in between” is that by definition it contains parts of the old and the new. That can feel downright uncomfortable. Most of us are wanting to get to some place of stability and order and predictability. And that might indeed happen for you.

But even if it does, it won’t last forever – because at the very least you’ll continue to age and things around you will change. That’s just the nature of things. And then there’s another transition, and another after that. As someone said, “there ain’t no there there”. Except there is. The THERE is HERE. What if “in between” is the status quo?

So the opportunity may be to become familiar and even friendly with this mix of old and new. To begin to experience THAT as a type of predictability. To notice at any given time the “older” parts of your life that are still present (or you’re trying to hang on to), as you experience the “newer” things (or the things you may be resisting). There can be friction between the old and the new, but hey don’t have to be at odds with each other. Peaceful coexistence is possible. Frankly it’s necessary – unless you like suffering unnecessarily :-0.  ~Z