What if Selfish means Generous?

Or Protecting!

Sure it’s great to serve others and take care of people in your life. But what about you? Who is taking care of you?

Self-care is about putting yourself first so you can and protect that in the world for which caring for you fortune cookieyou are responsible. It’s really that simple. Nobody will protect what’s precious to you but you. When you over-commit to what drains you, and under-commit to what feeds you and helps you recover – and then you go down (whether that means literally crashing, making crappy decisions and stupid mistakes, being mean and cranky…) you’re working against that which you hold dear.

Self care is not a touchy-feeling thing. It takes a harder energy to set the boundaries and create the space to heal and nurture and recover – so you’re able to respond to the next set of demands on your life energy. And yes, that might mean saying “no” to a meeting and “yes” to a massage…

I’m guessing you don’t have an understudy ready to step in to the role of YOU if you make yourself sick by ignoring what you know to be your limits. Know your limits! Honor your limits! Set your boundaries! BE SELFISH! So you can be generous when it counts!

Selfish = Protecting = Generous

Try THAT on! And then pick one thing you’re going to do differently in the name of self-care tomorrow and commit to that!                          ~Z