“The work we’ve done has been indescribably helpful to me and your insights have repeatedly cut through to the heart of matters far better than I or others I’ve worked with have been able to.”                                                                                                        Sun M. – Seattle, WA


“When confronted with the murkiness of undirected life, Mark expertly extracts our own hidden wisdom unearthing the direction that dwells in our own hearts. His compassionate direct approach is refreshing, digestible and irrefutably helpful.”              Raven – Lawrence, KS


Mark is a passionate, compassionate supporter. He helps me have a balanced perspective (which is especially important to me) – perhaps most valuable when I’m so invested in a viewpoint that I’m struggling with staying balanced and seeing the whole picture. Mark has a gift for listening well and deeply and helping me see those things in me and in my life that I sometimes can’t see for myself.  I trust him with my heart and all of who I am.”             Dave A. – Oxford, MI

 “I had reached a point in my life where I felt stuck, both personally and professionally. I knew that I needed a change. Mark asked the tough questions, challenged me and supported me at every step—a coach in the truest sense of the word. He helped me cut through the noise in a way that only somebody with nearly three decades of experience could do. The tools that I have developed have been helpful in every aspect of my life and his commitment and understanding are unmatched.”                                                                             Ryan W. – Lawrence, KS

“I am grateful to Mark for helping me move from static thinking in my head to actually taking action.  His attentive listening combined with thought provoking questions allows me to move beyond my perceived barriers into living a better life.”    Kassie E.  – Lawrence, KS

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