So much “not knowing”, so little time…

You know those discussions about sugar, gluten, meat, dairy, this food, that supplement… where most everyone seems to “know” the rights and wrongs of particular things with certainty?

Here’s the thing: we don’t really “know” for sure about any of this stuff, we only know what we read. Okay, you also may know what your body tells you – say that you have an allergic reaction to peanuts. But I bet you wouldn’t know a histamine if it landed on your nose.

Are you a good bug? Or a bad bug?
Are you a good bug? Or a bad bug?

I “know” good sleep matters for my own wellbeing. But that doesn’t mean I know why. Hell, the scientists don’t even know why we need sleep! And some days I get plenty and still feel like crap. Other days on less sleep I feel fine. So I “know” about sleep but not completely. Not 100%.

The same goes for your diagnosis and your symptoms. Even if you get a clear diagnosis (e.g. MS, fibromyalgia, cancer), that also opens the doors to more “not knowing”. We can’t completely understand the biology in terms of cells, and fluids and neurotransmitters and blood levels and all that stuff. At best, most of them are singular indicators of a situation that’s WAY too complex (and ever-changing) to grok.

My point is this: Don’t get lost in trying to know. Don’t substitute “trying to know” for actually DOING something. Keep searching if you want. And, do something right now that you KNOW to be good for you. Take your meds. Eat your veggies. Walk your dog. Get to bed! Let something go!

Self-care is fundamentally about faith in your efforts and taking the long view (because some of the things that help us heal and grow aren’t the most pleasant or comfortable things).

And keep experimenting because… you never know…     ~Z