Resistance: The bad news and the good news

couple in rapids - resistance
just the right amount of resistance keeps you afloat…

Resisting things as they are is the source of most of our suffering. By definition it is the opposite of acceptance. Tell yourself there shouldn’t be a traffic jam or that slow driver in front of you and VIOLA! – instant agony. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that within resistance there is the desire for change. That’s important if you’re ready for something different. The trick is to use that energy towards something that can actually change, versus trying to go upstream.

So go ahead and resist being sick and push against your illness(es), however that looks and feels to you. AND, notice also the desire to live fully underneath that resistance, and turn to focus your future. You don’t want to end up in your future all worn out from fighting do you? There is power in surrender and accepting things as they are – and planning accordingly. It’s your choice though…

I’m confident that some resistance is healthy and mature, and other kinds are immature and not good for you. Resistance that looks like denial is probably not so fruitful. And yet, even within that near desperation to reclaim what is lost, there is a deep yearning.

A more healthy or “mature” resistance then might be to resist the “life sentence” your brain or others’ dire predictions might be giving you. Resist declarations in your head that start with “Now I’ll never…”, or “There’s no point in…”, and instead use that longing for change to ask “How”: “How am I going to make this happen”, or “How can I get what’s important to me, and How might it look different than I’d planned?”

A piece of Zen wisdom that has served me well, is “This being the case, how shall I proceed?”. How does that land on you?

Feel the desire driving the resistance. Choose consciously what you will do with it. ~Z