Maybe you DO know what to do next?

A common situation when coaching people in their personal growth and awareness around health and other issues, is when they are stuck – feeling trapped or helpless. I bet you know that place of “I don’t know what to do next!”.

My experience is, that’s not the whole truth. I think they DO know what to do. They just don’t like the solution. It doesn’t smell right or taste good. It’s risky or complicated. It might hurt someone they care about or rock somebody’s boat. So they unwittingly use confusion as a mask for telling themselves the truth (or rather for hearing it).

There's GOLD in them that, uh… um… tunnels!
There’s GOLD in them thar, uh… um… tunnels!

Confusion seems like a reasonable place to be when you’re faced with difficult choices. And it can be – for awhile. But staying confused prevents you from having to make a decision, or from doing something hard or unpleasant. How handy is that?

So when considering your options in the context of a dilemma, or just around the next first step from where you are now, do the hard work and really listen for the solutions that might be ugly or even seemingly unfathomable. You don’t have to choose them. But not considering them is keeping you stuck in a place where there seems to be no escape. And if you been confused for awhile, I’m guessing a good solution is in there if you’re brave enough to look at it and consider it.

There’s an escape from stuck. Sometimes the way out looks a lot like the way in to pain and suffering. But is it?   ~Z