Is the obstacle the goal or just an obstacle?

“That which hinders your task, is your task”   Sanford Meisner

I refer to this quote regularly as a sort of personal mantra for living with what is rather than what “should” be. When it comes to being continually ill or somehow physically or mentally compromised, there can be great value in dealing with the reality of one’s health rather than trying to look around it or to push past it.

That’s because illness usually messes up what we might call our lifestyle. All the little things that happen in a day or week or month –no longer happen in the way they used to. Maybe just a little different or on some days, or maybe a lot different everyday. Either way, our “old normal” is gone…

One step at a time. Stopping is risky...
One step at a time. Stopping is risky…

By accepting the illness, it’s symptoms, the treatments, our reactions to the it all etc., we become empowered to reset our goals and start making progress towards them.

There can come a time when you’re so focused on the “obstacle” of your illness that the goal is lost. I wonder if it’s about believing? I wonder if when that happens, do you believe more in the obstacle than the goal?

So if you’ve hit a lull, take time to notice the strength of your belief (or faith) in your future and your level of belief in yourself to prevail over the “obstacles” of illness. Reflect on whether your illness has come to occupy the majority your thoughts and beliefs. What are the stories you’re telling yourself?

So don’t let either foot sink too far into the mud of belief – by believing only in the reality of the illness but not the goal. Or by believing only in your goals but denying your new limitations. Stand on one foot too long and you’ll likely lose a boot anyway…;-)

Your beliefs dictate your reality – and more importantly, your response to it. Take some responsibility for them. Maybe, just maybe you’ll even find a dry patch now and again…     ~Z