Is helping others part of thriving?

“There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark.”              Helen Keller

A weighty challenge for many of us as we recognize increasingly the things that we can no longer do well, easily or at all, is learning to ask others for support. Learning to ask from a place of power and self-confidence is an art, and not one that most of us have had much if any teaching or mentoring in. It becomes an important tool in your new toolbox.

Acting and asking… both important for being well...
Acting and asking – both important for being well…

I was also reminded recently of the power and importance of acting to help someone else as a valuable if not obvious logical option to help us feel better about ourselves. Serving and giving are part of being human and whole. Just because I may need help in some areas, may not preclude me being able to help or support others some other way.

It can be easy to get caught up in our own survival. But thriving will require thinking beyond our immediate self-interest of surviving. Thriving requires being human. Being human is a different kind of self-interest. Perhaps of a higher order?

So I invite you to look for or create the opportunity to help someone. Oh, and be sure and ask them first so you’re not “care-taking” them. In fact, I find being asked “Do you want any help?” as one of the kindest and humbling things anyone can say or do for me, regardless of the outcome.

So go feel better and offer to help someone! 

I’m okay that I like myself more when I’m kind or generous. It helps me counteract that feeling of being a victim or being entitled. It helps me feel well…

You?   ~Z