How do you “treat” yourself? Part II

I realized that the title question of these last 2 entries is a bit of a set up kind of question. I know it’s part of the culture to say “I’m going to treat myself”. And of course it’s okay to allow (and forgive yourself for) the occasional slip-ups in our disciplines and routines of self-care.

The deeper question methinks, is really about honoring our “self”. How do you honor yourself? Asking myself that question is like ringing a bell that just keeps ringing and ringing. Partly because there are two questions here. What is “self” and what is “honoring”?

Who am I really, and what matters most?
Who am I really, and what matters most?

What is my “self”? The answer that works for me is my whole self: mind, body and spirit. Underneath that answer is another question of values though – what are the most important things that nourish and support YOUR mind, my body, your spirit? And that doesn’t even address the possibilities of looking at our “self” in the various roles in our life: partner, parent, sibling, employee, colleague, boss… or artist, gardener, traveler, cook etc. Or your purpose…

So the real work is knowing what matters to your “self” – what you care about most about your life. Or rather, the degree to which you assign value and meaning to the many things that make up (or could make up) your life.

But I bet that even without doing your brainstorm lists or filling up your journals or spreadsheets, your gut knows when your choices are honoring your ideal self versus dishonoring.

That’s the real art isn’t it? Listening to that small voice within that knows the truth?

And then honoring yourself by being as respectful to YOU as you’d like the rest of the world to be. And that may or may not look like doing less. Or “treating” yourself… :-0       ~Z