How do you recover?

In the world of athletics and building strength, it is simply understood that recovery is critical to performance. Push hard and then recover smart – in order to keep performing at a high level.

While you may not be trying to “push hard”. But for most of us, it takes more effort to do less than what we did before getting ill. We “perform” if you will, in order to live our lives purposefully.Therefore we need to recover. It’s like gravity… it’s the law!

What was once a luxury may now be a necessity!
What was once a luxury may now be a necessity!

So how do YOU recover? What helps you recover? How often to you intentionally do something to recover or rejuvenate yourself? Do you have a range of things that you do from small to large? Are there certain things that help you recover sometimes, but not other times?

I know for example, that when I’m starting to feel mentally cloudy and fatigued,  20 – 30 minutes with my feet up can re-energize me. Closing my eyes for 30 seconds during a demanding activity can help me refresh. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day is a must!

Playing music sometimes helps me snap out of the doldrums of fatigue, and other times it’s just the wrong mental activity at the wrong time – and I can’t tell in advance… yet anyway.

Listening to the right music, certain smells or sounds – can also be a way of “resetting” myself energetically or emotionally – to ramp myself up or to stop a bad emotional anxiety or shame spiral.

Daydreaming, singing, gardening, walking, reading, cooking, sewing, massages… What works for you now? Try something new!

Are you possibly hurting yourself more by denying the fundamental need to recover?    ~Z