Goals suck! Or do they?

Who wants to set new goals when you’re feeling like crap? Or when you never know when you’re going to have another spell of feeling poorly?

Who wants to try to set realistic goals when you don’t have a good idea of what your capacity is going to be on any given day?


Except here’s the deal: If you don’t create new goals, you create a vacuum. Vacuums get filled with something, but the chances of it magically overflowing with the things that matter to you, or bring you wellness or peace of mind… Well you know the saying about snowballs and chances…

What gets attracted when you're indecisive?
What gets attracted when you’re indecisive?

That seemingly cautious void of goal-less-ness will more likely attract doubts, fears, helplessness and ultimately confusion and being stuck – maybe even despair and depression.

Not setting goals is waiting. Waiting is the same as doing nothing. Doing nothing is the same as being a victim and giving up your power to live. If you’re going to prevail over this illness thing, that’s not gonna work!

So if you’ve got no goals, your old goals have been commandeered by illness, or it’s just time for an update, set a new goal for yourself right now. Start simple and easy. Set a small goal for today.

The author of Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results speaks of making goals “stupid simple”. Like doing 1 pushup or 1 minute of housecleaning. Lots of little goals can add up to bigger goals – about living in alignment with YOUR most important things.

Goals can help you accept your life as it is, versus how you wish it were. Goals will help remove illness from its’ dictator role.

Start so small you can’t fail… ~Z