Experimenting can be a win/win risk

i want to learn more about...
can you design an experiment to learn about it?

If you’re getting that the impacts of your health condition (and the losses) truly are going to influence your life – perhaps from this point on – then you may need to learn to help you make different choices. Information about what works and doesn’t work to support your wellness, being productive, avoiding relapses or making yourself sicker, recovering from over-extension, etc. Better information equals better decisions (usually anyway… I’m not so fond of completely unequivocal statements).

Here’s what I know: Sitting and thinking might be necessary, but it’s likely not sufficient for accelerating your ability to thrive in your new normal. Learning how to experiment however, may be one of the most important skills you can master.

One reality is that EVERY DECISION or ACTION is indeed an experiment – because we can’t predict the future. And, the learning from that experiment may require a new level of focus and awareness. After each choice, the next valuable step is to slow down, and look back at the consequences to assess what aspects of that choice served or didn’t serve your aspirations and vision. What worked and what didn’t work? What might you do differently the next time and why?

And here’s the other thing: If you’re going to try something new and different (either pushing something or pulling back), remember that an experiment is about learning, not succeeding. In other words, failure is just as valuable of an outcome as success.

If you push yourself or stretch yourself and try something uncomfortable, I offer that you do it with 100% integrity – do the new action as well as you can – and be prepared to learn NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

If learning is the goal of experimenting, failure is also a success. How cool is that?

Do something different today or tomorrow. Learn something new. Apply what you learn the next day. Repeat.

Become masterful at experimenting. It will serve you forever. No matter what… ~Z