Does Your Voice of Fear Camouflage Itself As Intuition?

“Trust your gut” they say.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my gut seems to be shouting at me to avoid things at all costs, or to run like hell!

Or is that really my gut?

The voice of fear does an excellent job of impersonating the voice of intuition. So how to tell the difference?

Some threats are more real than others...
Some threats are more real than others…

To be clear, the voice of fear is not necessarily bad or to be ignored. The opportunity is in knowing who’s talking (or demanding) and to get specific on what’s being said.

I believe fear is a basic physical and emotional response to threats to either our survival or our identity.

So the first step of discernment is learning what YOUR body feels like when you’re feeling afraid. When that buzz is going on, be wary of the “advice” you’re getting.

Then ask yourself, “What part of me is being threatened?”. What is really at risk of being annihilated? Usually, that allows some perspective (assuming you answer yourself truthfully ;-), and permits a detachment and reduction of the cold buzz of the fear. It allows the “smarter” parts of your brain to start functioning again.

Then ask “What is threatening me?”. This further empowers you to stand into your “detached observer” role, letting your wisdom and reason come more fully online. Once you’ve gotten this birds-eye view (feeling, caution, what’s at risk, the actual threat), and have slowed down your reactions, you can query your wiser self about the next best step. That first step – close in…

Because now you’re waking up and not running on autopilot. Which is exactly what fear is so damn talented at doing. That’s not a bad thing. Just not needed in most situations for most of us…   ~Z