Does less time equal less opportunity?

For many if not most of us, managing our “illness” takes time and energy away from other priorities. Not to mention the time lost when we feel too crappy to do much of anything.

It is possible I was just looking for a way to put a picture of a spaceship in my blog… ;-)
It is possible I was just looking for an excuse to put a picture of a spaceship in my blog… 😉

What if time and energy are like food and water for your soul? What if you were on a space ship and suddenly found out you only had half as much food as you thought? Choices – whether consciously or unconsciously – will be made if you want to survive.

The flaw of that analogy is you probably want to thrive, not just survive. One of the first choices regarding your life may be whether you’re willing to wake yourself up as much as possible and look directly at the hard choices facing you. The alternative is to stay mostly asleep and pretend they’re not real or not real “yet”.


Here’s the deal: If you’ve been living in a way where most things in your life are seemingly of equal importance, or that everything you do has to be done perfectly or in a certain way – life is going to be damn hard for you until you can discriminate between what REALLY matters and what is simply a luxury.

Because you can’t have everything. Never could anyway. And now it’s just more obvious (if your eyes are open anyway). Maybe less of everything, but MORE of what matters to you?

You can start practicing making hard choices by making easy choices first. Pick one thing to let go of this week that isn’t connected to your deepest desires, values or dreams. Notice how it feels to let it go. Notice how it feels over hours and days.

Notice if it leaves room for something that matters that you’ve been avoiding.

What is your first step?       ~Z