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individual-photoIndividual Close In Coaching

One on one sessions for people experiencing ongoing health challenges or chronic illness. If you’ve got a situation that’s having an impact on your life and want to get a handle on things, coaching services might be what you need. All sessions are completely confidential.

The standard format is;

  • 45 minute phone calls
  • 2 – 4 sessions per month, with a minimum 3 month commitment to get started.
  • Email support between sessions

Individual coaching will suit those who are ready to dig in and embrace new possibilities now, whether or not you’ve participated in other coaching. And, it might also suit you if you’ve done a session or two of group coaching and are ready for some personalized coaching and support highly specific to your situation.

Group Coaching

In group coaching, you’ll be part of a group of 5 – 8 people who meet regularly by phone (or internet video conferencing) for a set number of sessions across several months. For example, 12 sessions across either 3 months (once a week) or 6 months (every other week). Calls will be 75 – 90 minutes.

These calls will be a hybrid between pure coaching and what is considered a teleclass, in that they’ll have structure and content (I’ll provide information and ideas) related to adapting, accepting and learning to thrive, as well as opportunities for all members to share with and learn from each other. As I’m sure you know, there is great value in sharing and knowing you’re not alone in your situation.

One of the advantages of group coaching is that you can focus on your situation and it’s impacts intensely for this one call and spend less time worrying the rest of the time. You’ll benefit from the guidance of coaching as well as the wisdom and experience of others in your group. It is also a less expensive option than individual coaching.

Groups will be formed as needed when enough people have expressed interest or been referred (by physicians or other practitioners) to create a new group (and whose schedules are compatible).

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Bounce-Back & Self-Mastery Workshops

Introductory Workshop – In Person and Teleseminar:
This basic workshop will explore the many areas of our lives – looking at where we can better manage our reactions and responses to our situations. This presentation will ask questions about your level of commitment you have to making adjustments, and whether the time is right for you right now to do that. There will be some basic self-assessment to help uncover opportunities for relatively simple changes with important impacts.

10-Week Bounce Back Workshop:
This workshop is about recovery. Not in a traditional sense of recovering back to our original state. That may or may not happen for you, so let’s not rule that out. And, for most of us it’s recovery into a different way of living and loving our lives. An analogy might be physical therapy after an accident. You may never recover full functioning. But if you don’t start working those muscles and practicing new ways of doing things, your ultimate recover will be slowed and perhaps even stunted. Consider the value of guided lessons and practices and exercises that will enhance your relationship with your mind and your body as you regroup and stand back into YOUR life.

Meeting once a week for 2 hour sessions. This will be a fairly deep exploration into 2 primary areas:

  • Inner Life
  • Outer life

Yeah I know, that’s sorta everything isn’t it? But seriously, coming to a healthy relationship with our illness, health and our bodies requires a more holistic approach. And how we perceive and react to the myriad of things that happen “outside” of us is at least half the battle, and ultimately determines how we “act” on our worlds. How likely are you to make good decisions and take good actions from a place of resentment and anger, and will those decisions get you close or farther away from a future worth loving?

There will be presentation, group exercises and simple assignments to complete between sessions. The structure will allow you to “try on” various perspectives and approaches to adapting and thriving with your illness, towards finding what will work for you, and to get you really moving.

As a group, we will explore the specific challenges being faced, how your life works and doesn’t work, where you can both look at and do things differently that will get you really moving forward confidently – helping you to grow your hope and belief in a future worth loving. You’ll get to look at the parts of you that get in your own way, and enlarge the aspects of you that will serve your vision for your future. And you already know the value of others when you’re trying to change and adapt to new circumstances.

8 session Self Mastery Workshop (every other week for 14 weeks)
This advanced workshop is for those of you who have basically accepted your ongoing health condition likely isn’t going away or may even get worse. The focus will be on working on the areas that seem stuck, bad habits that are entrenched, and other obstacles to self-management of the implications of your condition(s). There will be presentations and assignments – both within and between workshop session – that if followed, will enhance your ability to create routines, habits and scheduling systems that serve as an understanding guide – creating structure but being flexible when necessary.

The workshop will be about setting intentions for your self-care, and creating commitments for following through, using all the resources and supports available to you, and discovering new sources of help when possible.

Participants of this workshop will preferably have already participated in the Bounce Back workshop, but requests for exceptions will be seriously considered.

Bounce-Forward Whole Life Planning

This is a highly individualized process that starts with a portrait of your whole life, and creates a clear picture of what’s important to you independent of your illness. It sets the stage for you to “reset” your life and your dreams in a proactive way – invigorating that which matters most to you, instead of reacting to your illness and what’s wrong.

A complete plan will also serve to communicate to those people most important to you in your life how best to support you to life the live you want and deserve. Some of that will certainly be about working with and around your condition. Some of that will be clarifying your preferences that mean the most to you – helping you to sharpen your focus on the most important things.

A good plan will be alive and have movement – by setting some goals and timetables for important events related to achieving the things that matter most, and the processes by which that will happen. It will allow you to see or create a team of supporters (if that makes the most sense for you anyway) who understand what to do and what NOT to do in service and support to you. And, you’ll plan to meet again to take a look at what’s working, what’s not working so well, and what the next best steps are.

The initial plan will be created  collaboratively with the coach and you – doing interviews and gathering ideas and information from those closest to you who know you the best. Together, we’ll condense this information to it’s essence, and organize it so it’s easy to understand and digest.

Such a plan can be a humbling process for many. And, getting to the core essence of things us ultimately liberating and empowering.


Introductory Workshops: None scheduled at this time

Group Coaching Cycles: Forming as needed based on waiting list

Bounce Back Workshop: Next one starting August, 2015

Self-Mastery Workshop: Earliest available will be October, 2015

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