Can feeling awkward be a good thing?

I had my first tennis lesson in a year yesterday. Probably a mistake to skip lessons for a year, but that’s another story…

Hopefully you can apply what I learned – which is that practicing and repeating my “bad” tennis habits repeatedly was NOT making me a better tennis player. And that undoing those habits and relearning how to move, and step and swing etc. felt REALLY awkward.

okay… not everything that's uncomfortable is a good thing ;-0
okay… not everything that’s uncomfortable is a good thing ;-0

Why? Because I’d become familiar with other ways of moving my body. So the new ways were uncomfortable. So the next time I play, I’ll know that if I’m not feeling at least a little bit awkward, I’m probably not practicing the proper techniques.

I’m aware I can apply this to anything I’m trying to improve on – be it better eating, exercise, time management, networking… – any new skill or habit. If I’m feeling comfortable, I’m probably not doing anything any differently. That’s fine… unless I want a different outcome.

And my old habits of being casual with my time and my priorities… they don’t serve me so well anymore with the limited amount of energy and ability to concentrate I’m left with. I have some new habits and I want more.

Starting with my briefest blog yet…

Ouch!      ~Z

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