“We’ve got a situation here!”

*It doesn’t matter whether you call it chronic illness, disease, long-term health problems, or residual trauma, lingering effects of injury or surgery. Whatever you call your situation, the bigger question is, ”Is NOW the time for you to do something different about your life?”

You may not yet trust you have a future you can love.

Perhaps your hope is out of reach or too slippery to hang on to? Possibly, your belief in yourself and your self-confidence are not at an all-time high?

And yet, you already know that more of the same actions or inactions are going to get you the same results, right?

So you know that something’s gotta give.

“Is your rescuer on the way?”

So here you are – right in the middle of that proverbial creek without a paddle. Sh*t happens. Even to ambitious, smart and good people.

Like me.
And now you.

What used to be normal isn’t anymore. How are you handling your “new normal”? What adjustments are required? Is now the time for you to face what is and do what needs to be done to create a future you’ll love? To create a new normal that is a fit with who you are, what you value most, and your highest priorities in life? What are you waiting for?

“Risky business…”

Do the stakes seem higher now? Does each new decision seem to carry added risk, since you might be telling yourself it’s too dangerous to make a mistake now, or to “waste” your time and energy when you have less than you’ve ever had? What to do, what to do…

My services can serve your future ambitions and goals by helping you:

  • Keep your ambitions alive and live successfully as you define it
  • Get clear on where your efforts will produce the best results – and start acting more confidently!
  • Find the balance that works for you between acceptance and continuing the pursuit of good health
  • Keep your job, or find (or create) one that fits for you
  • Make sense of the confusing reactions of others, and ferret out where your real support is – or how to go find it!
  • Become an expert at living within your limits  – balancing efficiency and being well.
  • Make powerful choices to take or not take actions so you can;
    • Reduce your suffering and avoid staying stuck or losing ground
    • Increase your capacity to be productive, to accomplish your most important goals and dreams
    • Ignite your reinvention of yourself into a “new normal” that works specifically for you
    • Create a lifestyle of wellness to maximize your enjoyment and satisfaction of your life
    • Allow for missteps and mistakes, learning having fun doing it
    • Trust and believe in yourself and the possibilities in your future
    • Accelerate your adjustment and ability to accommodate the changes you’re experiencing now and those that are coming
    • Respect, honor and improve connections and relationships with the people that matter
    • Empower yourself to advocate responsibly and effectively for meaningful healthcare services

Investing in a future worth loving and living

There can be no return on an investment you don’t make. If you can imagine that investing in coaching services can enhance the quality of your future and your life – can restore a balance of more joy of living and less hassle of being ill, click here to explore my approach to services, or any of the links below for more information.

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